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VeryGene is developed as a curated, web-accessible centralized database for the annotation of tissue-specific/enriched genes. It currently contains entries for 3960 human genes covering 128 normal tissue/cell types compiled from the expression profiling of two large microarray data sets [ref1, ref2]. It brings together much-needed information on preferred tissue/subcellular localization, functional annotation, pathway, mammalian phenotype, related diseases and targeting drug associated with any of these genes as a result of data integration from multiple sources. Information can be searched through gene, tissue and disease views and search result can be downloaded easily. We commit our best efforts to update and expand VeryGene as new and relevant information emerges. Please contact us should you have any suggestions for improvement.

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Please cite:

Yang X, Ye Y, Wang G, Huang H, Yu D, Liang S.(2011) VeryGene: linking tissue-specific genes to diseases, drugs, and beyond for knowledge discovery. Physiol Genomics. 2011 Apr 27;43(8):457-60.


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